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How Can We Help You?

Custom Home Building

Whether a permanent home or coastal getaway,  we take pride in every detail of our work.  We strive to go above and beyond in every process to exceed your expectations from start to finish. 

Renovation - Modernization

With our experience and expertise, we can help you in making improvements and repairs to your home in both aesthetics and functionality. 

Renovation - Historical

In making our home in eastern North Carolina, we cherish it's many historical landmarks.  We value the rich cultural heritage of this region and it's distinct design.   

Design - Build

Not sure what you are looking for?  Have a unique idea or situation?  Let us help you design a home from start to finish to meet your needs and unique preferences. 

Flood and Fire Restoration

Having both personal and professional experience in flood and fire restoration, we are all too familiar with this process and the far reaching implications.    

Secondary Residential Structures

Garages, Outbuildings, Carriage Houses:

Talk with us about your many options if you are not yet ready to build your home, or would like to build an additional structure on your property.


Custom Fabrication

With a custom cabinet shop and many years experience in interior trim work, we can produce custom built-in and stand alone pieces to meet your unique design preferences.  

Commercial and Non-Profit

Budget matters - and for many reasons.  With experience in advising  and building for non-profit entities, we can help you maximize value without compromising on craftsmanship and quality.   

Relocation / Additional Residence Consideration

We are privileged to work with clients who make their homes throughout our state as well as our country.  We pride ourselves in our "On-Site" commitment to your project, and are aware of the special considerations and communication it takes to work with clients who are many miles away.